Johnny Products - Johnny Bucket May Work Well But Assembly Is Not Easy

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For those of you that don't know, there is a company called Johnny Products and they make electric hydraulic dump buckets for most lawn & garden tractors.Sounds good!

Carries 200lbs, lifts off the ground 12-14 inches and saves you a lot of shoveling time. Their website testimonials can's say enough positive things about the product. Problem- It is a nightmare to install if you are not a mechanic, the instructions are terrible and the pictures on the instructions are black and white laser or photocopier and you cannot see detail. I don't know who wrote their instruction manuals but the Chinese have better instruction manuals!

I emailed them several times and I get the feeling that they don't give a ***. They make me feel ***. I was *** for buying the product. No wonder America is losing its manufacturing if this company is an example of American manufacturing.

What a freaking waste of my time that I could have been spending with my kids.

They should post real testimonials on their website as well as the rosy ones.

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I found the Johnny Bucket well designed and easy to install.Been using mine for years with great results.

It may depend on the garden tractor model you are trying to install it on.

They are all very different.Mine was a Craftsman GT (Sears).


I have been trying to contact Johnny Bucket using their email as they suggest on their website about ordering a JBjr for my tractor.Have been waiting a week - tried calling but only a voice message saying do not leave messages.

If their support is no better than this once you buy the product, it would be a problem.Looks like a nice product but customer service is very lacking.


I'm installing one right now, and I'm surprised how easy it has been to install.I'm not a mechanic either, and tend to mostly swear during installations because I have to uninstall something that I didn't install correctly.

I have only backed out 1 bolt so far. The directions are clear. The pictures are good enough.

I use a magnifying glass when I have to verify something.Can't wait to put it to work on an a JD x500.

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This is not a very useful review.Anyone who has see this product in pictures should know that the requirements for assembly are not that significant.

It is a mechanical device, and as such someone who has little or no mechanical ability should avoid this kind of project. The only part of the assembly that looks remotely challenging is the wiring, and even this is not much. Having said this, it is clear to see from the manufacturers website that the owner (Johnny) does not put up with what he considers to be *** questions (read his comments about please do not call to ask .....).

Johnny products should consider refocusing itself on being a customer driven business and lose the attitude about not wanting questions they consider to be unthoughtful.My 2 cents

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